Tips to Cold Feet Natural Remedies

So often the circulation is diminished by our own activity. One very stark reason for poor circulation resulting in Cold Feet Natural Remedies is too much sitting. The heart rests and the feet are hanging down waiting for some movement to get the blood circulating to the lower extremities.

An hourly walk for sedentary duties is recommended for good health.Another reason for cold feet is poor diet. Unless we give the body what it needs, the functions will not be doing as they are supposed to. Thickened blood make the heart pump slower and the feet are at the bottom of the activity pole so get little regeneration.

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Cold Feet Natural Remedies

Cold Feet Natural Remedies

Balanced nutrition has a lot to do with how the organs function including the lungs to keep the blood flowing well. When cold feet trouble you the next time, look at what you have eaten in the last few days and consider looking to make sure your feet get proper nutrients to keep warm.

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Did you ever cross your legs? If you say yes, it probably was not done correctly for the good of the body, especially the legs and feet. When sitting, crossing the legs at the ankles will not diminish the blood flow to the lower leg and feet too. Periodically to change positions to have the right ankle cross the left and then have the left one on top will be best for blood flow too.

Shoes can make the Cold Feet Natural Remedies too if they are too tight.  Sensitive nerves are at the top and sides of the foot that can impede warm feet.  As the day wears on, the feet normally swell and sometimes as much as a full size. Not in length so much as in width pressing on those topical and side nerves. Loosen the laces or remove the shoes to get the feet warmer and perhaps then able to resume normal activity.

Cold Feet Natural Remedies at home

Cold Feet Natural Remedies

Adequate salt consumption is good for the normal body, yet too much salt intake can create swelling of the feet and hands and the result can be cold feet and hands too.  Along with salt there is another item that is a concern when cold feet is discussed.  Lack of sufficient water intake can create cool feet, so drink your fluid requirement of just plain water.

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Coffee does not count as water since it is a diuretic that remove liquids rather than replace our bodies with water. It does not have the primary function of giving water, but is mainly taking water away from cells that need water.

If your sleep is interrupted a lot or you are up during normal sleeping hours, you might notice your feet being exceptionally cold.  Elevating of the legs and feet is necessary for the heart to pump the blood well to prevent cool or Cold Feet Natural Remedies. Now on the same vain as elevating feet, if they are continually higher than the heart, they will be cold too. They need to be below the heart some part of our day too to remain the good and normal temperature.

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